there’s nothing like the sound 

of two girls laughing.

marina — a smoldering neopolitan stunner

 ashley — a sparkling western sweetheart

relentlessly independent and addicted to romance, it seems to be our fate to travel the world.

and wherever our ventures take us, we’re always seeking our perfect third.

like sun dappling a deep blue lake, our true natures are brought to life at the moment we come together.

between the two of us you’ll find a chemistry that is nearly telepathic, drawing you towards the edge.

an afternoon between us lends you the ease and calm that we feel so much with one another.

and we need you, too  — every boat, like every bed, needs a fresh breeze to really get racing.

with every wave we crest, reveling in our contrasts, we reveal to you that certain avidity, that force we’re unable to resist.

ashley and marina — light and shade, levity and languor. why fight it?

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marina estrela