your crescent city confidante

i’ve had the advantage of spending every weekend in the pacific ocean and every summer in an appalachian lake: heads california, tails carolina. being brought up bicoastal has given me a brightness both sharp and sweet, a startling ease to my intimacies, and a disarming effect on anyone I meet. and theres nothing i love more than meeting strangers: that sparkle of affinity we can’t help but feel. 


a west coast wildflower in the deep south delta 

i’m what you’d call a tall glass of milk: a natural strawberry blonde with dixie cup decolletage, legs for days and a mind like a diamond: I thrive on swift flings that leave us breathless. maybe you think I’d fit better in a bigger, faster place, and you might be right. but I came here for a reason. it’s not just that the weather suits my clothes, it’s that this city and I refuse to be rushed. beneath my precocious temperament you’ll find a true patience for the intricacies of the heart and the subtle realms of the body. sometimes indolence is the only remedy: you came here to relax: I’m here for it. 




staying healthy, happy and ready! 

though i love the thrill of throwing caution to the wind, this year has been one that requires some extra consideration. for this reason, I am getting tested for covid 19 weekly, and accepting limited bookings while socially distancing between my dates. I keep my body and home sparklingly clean. when you book, let me know a little more about your health, any risks in your daily life and work, or special requests or concerns, and we can discuss ways to make sure our time together is as safe as it can be. let’s keep our encounters clean and clear! 




get some screen time, or meet me face-to-face 

I am happily and healthily accepting dates, and I also love meeting virtually over zoom. it’s a lovely way to get to know one another across area codes. I tour several times a year to major cities, and, when i’m not at home in new orleans, am most often found in san francisco and new york city.

I make creative content on request: pics, clips, calls and texts! before we talk details, please get familiar with my donation requests below. 



just a peek, a scene, a snapshot ...


3 photos/100

3 min video clip 200

12 photoset or  min video with sound 400



just a chat, a breath, a gesture ...


text or call 5/min

30 min zoom date 200

one hour zoom date 400


just a touch .. a catnap, a rubdown, a wakeup ...


60 min 400 

90 min 600 

2 hours 760


lets face it ... we're both ready for more ...


60 min break 1000

90 min sunset 1400

4 hour nightfall 3600


8 hour "miss your flight" 5000

12 hour "personal day" 6400



24 - 48 hour "holiday weekend" 8400

up to 72 hour "whirlwind vacation" 10K



 you’ve found me, and i can’t wait to get to know you, too

the first step is a proper introduction. when you first reach out, please introduce yourself with your full name and by sharing your screening information. please fill out this form in full. if you need help or have special requests or concerns, review the ASK section of my site, or drop me a line.


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