lets take the next step 

to set a date with ashley, please peruse her list of potential liaisons, then take these steps: (1) use the screening form to send a polite inquiry (2) confirm your interest with your booking deposit (3) arrive to our visit ready (4) maintain our connection (5) and even join ashley’s inner circle.

scroll below for the finer print: 



  • 10A - 10P / seven days a week 
  • instant booking (less than 12 hours notice): add 200 USD
  • 24 - 48 hour preferred, 2+ hour notice minimum

reaching ashley

  • start by filling out the screening form here
  • or, text or email the same information 
  • no phone calls, please! ashley will not respond

manners & safety

  • start by introducing yourself using your full name. ashley does not respond to "hey," "hi," or one line availability requests 
  • ashley does not respond to discussion of explicit acts unless you have screened. please refer to ashley's liaisons page here, or schedule an initial consultation to discuss further details.  
  • ashley's donations are entirely non-negotiable.

trying again

  •  if you did not get a response from ashley, check these guidelines and don't hesitate to reach out again! 
  • if you messaged  after hours, called instead of texted/emailed, missed ashley's screening form, try again!
  • if your message was prurient or impolite, you will not get a response. 

screening & booking


  • a reference means: an escort with an active listing/website who you have seen within the year, and who would speak highly of your visit
  • you must ask permission before sharing anyone's contact with ashley
  • ashley only gives references to members of her inner circle, and only with permission


  • complete screening means you have filled out ashley's screening form completely, on the first attempt, using the form here. you may also email her the same info.
  • ashley can still verify you with three pieces of alternate screening information:
  • add 100 USD to booking deposit for alternate screening.
  • screening is non-negotiable: an initial gesture of good faith.


  • in addition to the donation for your date, ashley requires a booking deposit of 100 USD.  if you are not able to provide complete screening, add 100 USD.
  •  at the time of booking, send your deposit over venmo/cashapp to @arc415 with a tagline reading either “donation” or “consultation”
  • ashley can also accept  VISA VANILLA or MASTERCARD gift cards.


  • if you need to cancel a date, please offer as much notice as possible. if you do not provide notice, another booking deposit of 100 USD + the full date amount is due in order to reschedule after a "no call no show."
  • ashley may also request a "damages" donation for her energy & travel expenses, between 20% and 100% of the total, at her discretion.



  • ashley prefers her donation in cash, and you save 100 USD 
  • please have ashley's donation in a plain envelope placed in plain sight on first arriving. a book, note or card is fine for dates that begin in public. it is poor form to hand it to her or make her ask you for it.
  • you may send your donation using venmo/cashapp or a digital gift card, before your arrival.  the tagline must read "donation" or  "consultation" or a synonym of these.  please check your phone and its aps' functionality and limits before you arrive.

timeliness & rescheduling

  • ashley offers and expects a 20 minute grace period visits that begin late. 
  • lateness beyond 30 minutes or without notice is a "no call no show."
  • if you are going to be late or need to change a date or time, ashley offers three chances:
    • first time: resend booking deposit: 100 USD
    • second time: resend booking deposit and full amount of next date.
    • third time or "no call no show" : resend booking deposit, full amount of missed date & full amount for the next date. 

hygiene & covid

  • ashley keeps herself sparkling clean and asks that you do the same: clean hands, hair, feet, and teeth. upon arrival, please shower. if you arrived showered, please rinse and wash your hands. 
  • as of February 2021, ashley has been vaccinated! schedule a visit if you have had a negative covid test and no symptoms in the last 30 days.
  • ashley does not kiss on the mouth.

health & safety

  • consent is essential for our shared comfort, and so lovely & erotic.
  • ashley only says NO one time: coercion will not be tolerated. 
  • if you have physical limits, health concerns, emotional sensitivities or special requests, please let ashley know before our date, by scheduling an initial consultation, a quick drink, or a virtual visit. 


discretion & privacy

  • after our visit, let ashley know whether you prefer she reach out to you about future dating and updates, or if you'd rather she wait for you.
  • for those who require extra caution, schedule a quick drink to discuss your situation, email her at her discreet address, or text her using the encrypted signal ap.  no one is exempt from screening
  • do not share ashley's contact or website, including for a reference, without her permission, which she typically only gives after three dates.


gifts & wish lists

  • gifts are a lovely way to connect, and ashley adores showing her thanks by sending pictures.
  • ashley's wishlists: lingerie, wardrobe, and luxuries.
  • ashley's sizing:
    • 5 feet 7 inches (169cm)
    • 26 inch waist (66cm)
    • 34B bust
    • 38/39 US (41 EU) shoe,
    • US 2/4  (34 EU) dress/jeans 
    • 4/6 or (36 EU) outerwear
    • S/M lingerie/underwear/swimwear

staying in touch

  • ashley insists that you do not review your time together, but you may share your impressions in an email or letter - she'd love to know how she makes you feel.
  • once you have screened, you may suggest a city or book a date for her next tour here
  • don't be a stranger! you are welcome to become a part of ashley's inner circle