you’re new to this, or, just new to me. 


lets start with a quick round of 20 questions:  

  1. are you real? yes, this is really me: independent since day one! my images are recent and verified on my listings, and my figure is all-original. as much as i love a good game of "prove you're not a robot," you'll have to find out for yourself!
  2. are you available? i am online and on call between 10AM and 10PM. i answer  texts and check my email the moment i can. i screen all my calls, and only answer phone calls that include a polite and detailed voice message. please introduce yourself, a solid first impression can get you the world!
  3. how do i see you? screening is the very first step. before we talk details, please fill our the secure screening form here, or text or email me the same info. I ask for: contact information for your two most recent references (who you have seen within one year), and a link to an online work profile.
  4. how else can i screen? If you do not have current references, I ask for a photo ID instead. you may redact your address from your work info or ID card, or provide additional references or a P411 number instead. if you have concerns about the phone, you may text me on the free, encrypted signal ap.
  5. who will you see? i am happy to see all varieties of people: I am discerning, but i don't discriminate. over race, gender, age, or ability, and do my best to accommodate any complicated situations or considerations. i ask that when we meet you arrive with a clean body and a clear head.
  6. why haven’t i heard back from you? i respond to polite texts and emails between the hours of 10A - 10P. introduce yourself, and be clear about who you are and what you want. respect will get you everywhere you want to go.
  7. how soon can we meet? i accept dates that start between 10AM and 10PM. I prefer 12 - 24 hours notice, but for those quick trysts, i ask a minimum of 2 hours notice to get ready for you. For regional travel, I ask 24 - 48 hours notice, and at least a week's notice for domestic or international travel.
  8. your place or mine? ideally we meet at an upscale hotel or short term rental. i will consider meeting at a private residence after we have met at least once elsewhere. i do not have a fixed incall, but can book a space for our date, so i ask a $150 deposit and 12 - 24 hours notice.
  9. can we meet, just to talk? if your situation requires certain discretion or you have special needs to discuss, or would just like a quick glance, i can meet you in public at a cafe, park, or shop. I ask a donation of 200/hr to meet. we can also meet over zoom for the same donation.
  10. what if i’m late or can’t make our date? this city runs on slow time, and i allow for~ 20 min without affecting the length of our date, if my schedule allows. if you have to cancel, any deposit goes towards to our next date, or I  ask that you send a deposit before booking again. a no-call no-show will require an additional donation and further references before another booking.
  11. what forms of donation can you accept? I accept deposits and travel advances via venmo, cashapp, or zelle. I accept donations in person in cash. for travel donations or those greater than 5K, we can discuss the transfer method that best suits your needs: cashiers check, wire transfer, cryptocurrency, or cash-by-mail.
  12. how do i present your donation? please place my donation in a visible location in an unmarked, unsealed envelope. I should have the donation in hand within 5 minutes of my arrival. If we are meeting in public, please place it in a gift bag, card or book.
  13. what if i want more in the moment? if we find ourselves, connecting, wanting to stay longer, or you came for bodywork and find yourself craving more, I’m happy to take us further. please offer the donation in cash or make sure the limit on your preferred ap can accommodate.
  14. will you travel to me, or with me? i love to travel, and would love to plan to fly to you, once we have met at least once in person or for a virtual visit on zoom. i book my own flight and transit, and require an advance deposit of 10% of the total donation, plus costs related to booking. My beauty rest depends 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in my own room, and two hours of alone time each day to stay fresh.
  15. what about my partner, or a party i’m throwing? i love a menage: i will see you once both halves of the couple screen and I have communicated with both members: no surprises. Likewise, no surprise parties, and I can only attend parties in mixed company.
  16. do you have a friend who can join us? It’s my greatest pleasure to take dates with my playmate and confidante, the lovely Marina Estrela. I am open to setting up double dates, or meeting with another of your choosing, provided she and i are able to correspond, first.
  17. should i review our date online? I find review boards to be distasteful and ask that you do not review me. If i find that you have, it is likely that reviewed date will be our last. If you would like to write to me privately with thoughts on our time together, I’d welcome that, I'd love to know more about all the ways i make you feel.
  18. may i use you as a reference? if we have seen one another within the year, please feel free to use me as a reference. please send me a text or email me to let me know to expect to be contacted. I answer reference requests as quickly and candidly as I can.
  19. would you accept an arrangement? i can appreciate something more involved and more informal, longer and deeper than just an encounter — we can talk it over after the third date. In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to send me sundries and luxuries
  20. i want something you haven't listed, can you help? our date can be a safer space to talk about kink, & bdsm, fetish & fantasy, role play & sexy talk ... together we can craft more elaborate schemes within our limits and desires. don't be too shy to ask: i keep my mind open.

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